The organization of the CSM/KSS'2005 will be very similar to the organization of the CSM workshops in previous years as such an approach has proven to be succeessful.

Deadlines (all dates in 2005)

The opening and closing of the CSM/KSS'2005 workshop are planned for Monday, August 29th at 9:00, and Wednesday, August 31st at 16:30, respectively.

Basic organizational assumptions

In order to meet the   aims   of the workshop and due to logistic's constraints, the number of participants of the workshop has to be limited. This will provide all participants with good opportunities for presenting their own work, for learning from the experience of colleagues working in related research areas, and for establishing new contacts. The schedule of the workshop will provide ample time for discussions and interactions.

Therefore, there is a two stage registration procedure:

  1. Preregistration, open to everybody who wishes to participate in the workshop.
  2. Final registration, which will be made available to accepted participants.
Extended   abstracts   of the proposed contributions are the primary criterion for the  selection   of the presentations.

Organizational details

Abstracts and papers:

Presentations and sessions:

Registration fee

The standard registration fee is 190€; the early registration fee of 150€ applies to participants who will pay the fee by July 31, 2005. The registration fee will cover: The participants will receive an email with payment instructions for the registration fee.

The organizers have limited funds for covering the registration fee for participants who will need it. Please make sure to select the corresponding option on the preregistration form, if you want to apply for this support.


Please e-mail questions and/or suggestions regarding the organization of the workshop to:

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