1. Welcome to the home site of the Multiple Criteria Analysis developed by the IIASA Integrated Modeling Environment Project. This site provides links to the applications and to their documentation, as well as to the contact to the developers, and to the information on the IME Project.
  1. Login to the MCA
  2. Documentation:
    1. User guide to the MCA (IR-09-22)
    2. Overview of the methods implemented in MCA (IR-09-24)
    3. Pairwise-outperformance methods implemented in MCA (IR-09-23)
  3. Selection of publications related to the MCA (out of the publications co-authored by the MCA authors):
    1. M. Makowski, Management of Attainable Tradeoffs between Conflicting Goals, Journal of Computers, 2009
    2. A. Wierzbicki, J. Granat, M. Makowski, Discrete Decision Problems with Large Number of Criteria, IIASA IR-07-25, 2007
    3. Selection of papers related to model-based decision-making support.
  4. Tutorial csv files:
    1. home
    2. company (example from IR-07-2008)
    3. spectrum management (example from IR-07-2008)
    4. car
    5. car (hierarchical criteria)
  5. Other links:
    1. MCA-Needs: Web-site of the MCA dedicated version for analysis of future energy technologies
    2. Contact  to the developers.
    3. IME   Integrated Modeling Environment Project at IIASA.